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Our goal is to provide you with accurate and efficient information about our firm, the legal services we offer, and immigration law in general. Whether your needs involve immigrating family members, securing visas for employees, or defending yourself or a family member against deportation or removal hearings, we can help. We have the years of experience necessary to meet all your immigration needs.

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In Immigration Court, immigrants...

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Detention & Bonds

Immigration Court Hearings Remains...

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There are usually two types of appeals...

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Deferred Action

Deferred Action is policy initiated by...

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There are many different visas offered...

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Asylum is a form of legal protection...

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Pope & Associates, PC

Is a full service Immigration Law Firm.  We focus primarily on representing individuals who are in Deportation, Exclusion, Removal or Bond proceedings. We also handle a large volume of complex federal appellate immigration matters.

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  • “ I want to thank the best Lawyers at Pope and Assoicates for taking on and winning my brother's very difficult and complicated asylum case. Other lawyers gave my family no hope that my brother could win his case against deportation to the middle east which would mean certain perscution and even potential death as a christian minority. Pope and Associates not only gave us hope, but won the case that other law offices said would be immpossible. I highly recommend Pope and Associates and have personally recommended them to others. Thank you for your excellent work, professionalism and persistance. Thanks to you my brother was not deported and is now working and living lawfully in the USA.”

    - Linda M.

    Phoenix, AZ

  • “ Pope and associates (Mr. Pope and Mr. Wiesinger) helped saved my life in many ways.  My ex-husband refused to help me complete my immigration process, and in 2009 he even tried to have immigration officers come and arrest me for working illegally.  After I met Mr. Pope, I teared with joy and found a relief because he gave me such confidence that he wouldn't have had any problem taking care of my case and most importantly, he took my case immigration court case pro bono.  Because of Mr. Pope, I went back to work the following week and eventually became a Naturalized United Citizen in 2011.  All thanks to Mr. Pope and his associate Mr. Wiesinger. They had put so much time and efforts to help me with my case. Their generosity,  hard-work, dedication, and knowledge were beyond incredible. I am so lucky to have met Mr. Pope and Mr. Wiesinger and I strongly recommend them. ”

    - TZM

    Chandler, AZ

  • “John Pope is my savior!  I would not be a citizen today if it weren’t for Mr. Pope. He took on a difficult case that had been mishandled by previous attorneys.  Mr. Pope took control of my case and saved it ( ..and me ). He is very knowledgeable of immigration law and is confident in standing behind what is right.
    Mr. Pope was patient, tenacious and he went beyond the call of duty for me. Let’s not forget the quality of his associates (Thank you, Mr. Wiesinger.).  And of course the wonderful staff! It felt like working with family.”

    - Gilbert H.

    Phoenix, AZ

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